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Nontoxic Living: How Your Children Benefit Without Toxins as They Grow

You might not be able to see them or smell them, but toxins are everywhere. So much so, that they are causing negative impacts on your microbiome. We've grown up with heavy metals, pesticides, artificial sweeteners, and all kinds of toxic compounds. and whats's worse, we're bringing our children into this mess, disrupting their gut balance and leading to health troubles for them down the road. 

What can we do? As it turns out, LOTS! We can make our own toxin-free choices for what we give to our children. Here is how to adopt a non-toxic lifestyle so your babies and children can thrive in a healthier lifestyle. 


-Start with what you consume

Pay attention to what you're feeding your family. Choose foods that are whole, organic, and as close to nature as possible eliminates so many of these nasty chemicals from your diet. With quality foods, the gut microbiome stays healthy, keeping immune systems growing strong and helping your children have the best start in life. 


-Mind what you apply topically

Your skin has its own microbiome which is the first line of defense against these toxins. All the things we apply to our own skin and hair, and to our children, come brimming with cocktails of toxic origins. Instead, choose toxin-free options with clean, natural ingredients. You'll find they're just as effective without all the harmful chemical agents!


-Consider your surroundings

Did you know that the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the home air pollution is the cause for 3.8 million deaths each year? The things in our homes from the chairs we sit on to the lighting overhead can create a toxic environment right inside what we perceive as a safe space. Since babies take in more oxygen per pound of their body weight over adults, it's certainly something to look into when it comes to furnishings. 


-Dress for toxic-less life

The things we wear are the most toxic of all. With heavy pesticide use in conventional farming, fabrics and textiles carry the largest amount of toxins. Sheets, pillows, towels, shirts, pants - you name it - they're all taking us down a road for serious health issues later on. Since the skin soaks up what it comes into contact with, choosing the right materials that are safe and nontoxic will help reduce these troubles for you children. 

Simply choosing "natural" is not enough since there may be coloring, logos, and other treatments that finish the product. Things like ammonia, halogens, sulfuric acid, and phthalates could be on the clothes you're dressing your children in or the blankets you wrap lovingly around you baby. And yes, these things could be in the very toys you hand to your children to learn and play with.

As these chemicals can cause rashes, headaches, fatigue, blurred vision, and asthma, to name a few, you will want to start eliminating them from your lifestyle. 

We created Tayababy to educate moms about the dangers of toxins that are around us. We have everything you need for your babies and kids without all the toxins to get in the way!


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